binary options pro signals
Binary Options Pro Signals is a binary options trading strategy that claims a quite remarkable 72 per cent success rate. Trading signals are sent to members by email, and traders are promised that there will be multiple signals each day allowing 24 hour trading. Subscribers also benefit from lifetime updates so that the service is always up to date. Reviews of the program are generally positive.

Binary Options Pro Signals


There are many markets that can be traded using binary options, and the Binary Options Pro Signals system trades a mixture of forex pairs (such as Euro/US Dollar) and indices (such as FTSE 100), for a total of seven different markets in all, although at present a further three markets are offered for subscribers who join in the immediate future. Not surprisingly, the authors do not divulge the trading methodology they use, nor do they make any claim to teach their members a trading strategy. Members simply follow the trading signals sent out by the authors without being given any indication as to how they have arrived at their conclusions.


As well as the trading signals themselves, the program also offers a members’ area containing valuable tips and additional market information. There is also a list of recommended brokers who give the best execution performance and easiest payouts. Subscribers also benefit from lifetime updates so that the service is always up to date. Reviews of the program are generally positive, such as: “This is the best investment I’ve made in a very long time”, or “Highly recommended … it’s not a scam, it’s very clear” – this from a site which reviews suspected scam websites.


One of the obvious problems with the system is that sending out signals on fast moving markets by email is not very efficient, and indeed reviewers have found that it is simply not possible to act on many of the signals received because by the time they get the information the recommended trade has expired, or the price level of the trade is never reached. Apparently signals can now also be delivered by Skype, which should mitigate this problem to some extent.


So can Binary Options Pro Signals be recommended for beginners who have little or no experience of binary options, or indeed of any form of trading? The answer is undoubtedly yes, assuming that the claimed success rate of 72 per cent can be attained, and with the reservation mentioned above that it is not always possible to trade the signals. Risk is of course a natural part of any trading strategy, and Binary Options Pro Signals is no exception.


The subscription rate for Binary Options Pro Signals is guaranteed fixed forever at $97 per month, excellent value assuming that the 72 per cent success rate of the signals is maintained, although as a special introductory offer new subscribers are offered a rate of $7 for the first seven days. In addition, a cast-iron, no quibble 60 day refund policy is offered. Given the low-cost initial trial and the money back guarantee, Binary Options Pro Signals would appear to be well worth trying out.

Binary Options Pro Signals