A Review of Guy Cohen

Guy CohenGuy Cohen is a world renowned options trader and has spent a lifetime educating and developing software and indicators for retail traders. He has developed a number of courses but I recommend you check-out his OVI-FlagTrader Combo and his Private Traders Club Membership. He provides the knowledge aspiring traders need to succeed but he also makes sure that his students lose any bad habits they may have developed.

Guy Cohen believes in employing a clear trading plan and using stock market systems to ensure a high level of profitability and minimize risks as much as possible. He is an advocate of conservative trading, especially for beginners.

Guy holds a Finance MBA from Cass Business School, London and is a well-known stock market trader who has penned such best-sellers as Options Made Easy, Volatile Markets Made Easy, The Insider Edge and the Bible of Options Strategies.

In his twenties he was diagnosed with acute ulcerative colitis, which meant that he was practically a prisoner in his own home. The doctor’s predictions were dire and, according to them, he didn’t have long left to live. However, he defied their prognosis and used alternative therapies to cure himself. As a result, after a recovery that lasted 18 months, he decided that he would dedicate his life to helping regular people achieve financial freedom by creating software and training systems.

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OVI-FlagTrader Combo

The OVI-FlagTrader is Guy’s latest product and a culmination of his many years of teaching and developing indicators and software to gain an edge in the market. Building on his successful Flag-Trader system and combining it with his proprietary OVI indicator and other tools he has created a consistent trading system that minimizes risk and maximizes potential profits. The OVI-FlagTrader Combo gets a top recommendation.

Private Traders Club (monthly membership)

This Guy’s OVI Trader’s club monthly membership subscription site. You get his proprietary OVI indicator, scanners, sentiment indicator, monthly webinars and recordings, basic training in options and of course training on how best you utilize the flag consolidation pattern.

Flag Trader

The Flag Trader is a system designed to teach the individual investor how to use consolidation chart patterns and trend following. Instead of guess the market direction you wait for the market to confirm directional movement and with Guy’s training you learn to enter safely and exit with consistent profits. It relies on a strategy that identifies volatility in the markets which translates into significant returns. It consists of 8 DVDs that reveal the secrets of trading with chart patterns and is ideal for all traders, whether you are a novice or experienced trader.

Trade The Banks (and the OVI)

Learn how the banks manipulate the stock market and what the individual investor can do to beat them at their own game with this unique strategy. By signing up for the Trade the Banks system you will gain access to free online training sessions and a special report that will allow you to become a profitable trader with this unique strategy, and all you need are a few minutes per day to do it. Like his other products the system relies on the OVI indicator.

Illuminati Trader

The Illuminati Trader is one of Guy’s older products and provides all the tools an investor needs to succeed in trading the markets. It features in-depth, interactive education and top of the line trading tools as well as market commentary and other resources to ensure maximum profits.