After years of refining his trading strategies and proprietary indicators Guy Cohen has explicitly brought them together in his OVI-FlagTrader System. Consider it his magnum opus of trading systems. His FlagTrader system was great as he stood on the heads of some of the most profitable traders in history...Read more below

OVI-FlagTrader Review


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and refined the use of flags and break-out patterns to pull profits out of the market. Then he added his own unique indicator the OVI to even further maximize the profits and minimize the risks to trend trading. Finally he adds a sure-fire trading plan and TradeFinder scanner that utilizes his proprietary tools giving you constant access to profitable opportunities. I highly recommend this program.

Trading in the stock market always involves risk. The primary reason for this is the difficulty in predicting the movement of a stock. The OVI-FlagTrader combo is a trading system that largely eliminates the uncertainty of market direction by combining proprietary indicators with a time tested trading plan and highly profitable chart patterns. This OVI-FlagTrader review will look in detail at the features offered by this trading system, so that you can better access whether this system is appropriate for your trading style.

What is the OVI-FlagTrader?

Guy Cohen is a trading innovator who has authored many best-selling books on stock and options trading. His long standing FlagTrader System, which leverages flag patterns in a unique way, is time tested and highly profitable. You can read the in-depth review I wrote on it to learn more. His proprietary OVI indictaor came out of years of research and observations of the options market and provides insight into the trading activity of the market movers so that you stay on the right side of the trend.

Although you can gain access to both these systems through his monthly membership site called The Private Traders Club or by purchasing his FlagTrader System which includes a years access to his membership site, in this new product Guy is explicitly combining the two and re-branding them as the FlagTrader-OVI Combo. This was a logical progression. Both are exceptional in their own right and by re-branding and marketing them together potential traders will better understand his unique and powerful contributions to the trading and investing world. Requiring only 10-20 minutes a day Guy has masterfully provided a trading system which liberates the aspiring retail trader from a treacherous learning curve in markets dominated by Big Banks, Hedge-funds and trading professionals.

What’s Included?

  • Access to FlagTrader Online software for 1 year
  • Online DVD Course

Access to OVI Traders Club for 1 year
Which includes:

  • OVI Charts
  • Reversal and O’Neil Filters
  • Vidoe Tutorials and Online Library/Glossary
  • Monthly Webinars with Guy
  • Active Forum
  • Unlimited Support from Guy and his support staff

Xtra Bonus: an additional year to OVI Traders Club (that’s 2 years total)

Markets Traded

FlagTrader-OVI combo trading system has been designed to trade U.S. stocks with high liquidity.

Strategies Used

This trading system uses a combination of two strategies: Flags or break-out patterns in conjunction with the OVI. Flags are highly profitable trading patterns and legendary traders like Darvas, O’Neil and Zanger built fortunes by using them as the foundation to their trading strategies. The OVI or Options Volatility Index gives one a bird’s eye view of the trading activity of large financial institutions in the options markets. Its calculated at the end of day and based on options volume, implied volatility, and open interest. By basing the indicator on actually transactions the indicator can be seen as a leading indicator of the stock market and large liquid stocks.

Specialized Tools and Software

You get several proprietary tools. The most prominent among them are: Flag Trader Filter Software, OVI charts, and OVI Indicator but also Reversal and O’Neil Filters on stocks.

What are the Uses of these Tools?

Flag Filter Software: This software helps you find stocks that are forming flag patterns. It will help you find tight or lose patterns and can also filter for established bear or bull movement from the OVI. If you do this filtering manually it could take you hours to go through every stock, but with the help of this tool you complete the whole process in few minutes. Whether you are a novice or an expert trader this software will save you 100 of hours of time identifying highly profitable flag patterns.

OVI Indicator and Charts: The OVI Dashboard allows you to get a quick glimpse of the major markets and stocks and then allows you to drill down and see in more detail how these charts are setting up. You also get access to the Exress 40 Charts. These are constantly rotated and selected by Guy as strong stocks that meet his requirements for trading his sytem. Many members just trade these 40 stocks as they often produce strong opportunities.

Support Offered by OVI-FlagTrader

On purchasing OVI-FlagTrader combo trading system you get unlimited support from a world-class support team. This team has been personally trained by Guy Cohen to offer all the buyers professional support in better understanding this system. He has 4 staff members to assist him in providing support to his members.

Recommended For

OVI-FlagTrader trading system is suitable for both novice and advanced traders due to the unique features it provides.In the first step you identify the stock where big players are putting their money by identifying flag patterns, and in the second step you find whether the breakout of the pattern is supported by the big players or not. This way you are always on the side of smart money. This trading system is easy to understand and easy to execute requiring only 20 minutes a day.


You get a 45 day 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the trading results. All you have to do is provide proof of one trade using this trading system. It doesn’t matter whether the trade was done from a real money account or a virtual account.


Complete OVI-FlagTrader combo with all its special services and features costs $1,997. You also get the option of paying in four parts of $597 each over four months.

Current Special Offer

There is a bonus offer of an additional one year access to the OVI Traders Club. This extended access is completely free of any other charge.

Concluding Remarks

The combination of the Flag Trader System and OVI Indicator is the result of Guy’s brilliance as an innovator and years as a seasoned professional of the markets. His system is time tested and leverages the most profitable trading patterns. Profitability is further enhanced by the OVI which follows the trading activity of the market movers so you can confirm the trend. Add this combo to a robust trading plan with clear entries, exits and targets and you have the culmination of a master trader’s years of experience in a highly profitable trading system.

Want to learn more?
Watch the OVI-FlagTrader Webinar

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OVI-FlagTrader Features

OVI-Flagtrader Features

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