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Guy Cohen’s Private Traders Club gets top ratings because it has advanced proprietary technical trading tools that allow a trader of any ability put on positions that are low in risk and potentially high in profits. Guy is a veteran trader and world renowned authority on options. His OVI is simple yet profoundly insightful and offers any trader an unprecedented advantage over his peers. At an affordable monthly fee I highly recommended this membership.

A Review of Guy Cohen’s Private Traders Club


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Seasoned traders as well as those who are brand new to options trading have found Guy Cohen’s Private Traders Club an exceptional value. In fact, as a member of the Private Traders Club, it becomes apparent that the unique tools and strategies provided in PTC offer everything you could need when trying to maximize your probability of profits.

What is the Private Traders Club?

The Private Traders Club is a monthly membership site founded by Guy Cohen, an author of several best-selling options trading books as well as a respected and innovative trader, specializing in options and stock trading. He has become a trusted leader in trading education and has developed incredible breakthroughs in trading strategies that are not only user-friendly, but quick and easy to implement.


In fact, The Private Traders Club offers proprietary tools such as OVI and Flag Trader which allows members to follow market insiders, safely, while profiting from a system that only requires minutes each day to put into action. With these tools, you will be able to safely follow some of the most experienced and informed traders and see exactly which stocks they are buying into. Of course, with a sneak-peak into what the most informed traders are buying, you set yourself in a position to maximize your potential for profits. The effective tools and strategies used in the PTC are proprietary and are only for Private Traders Club members; these are not tools that are available anywhere else.


Is the PTC for Advanced Traders?

The Private Traders Club offers something for everyone. The beginner, no matter how little they know about trading will be able to start their learning from the very basics; however, experienced traders will be able to immediately begin utilizing the tools and strategies included in the program. In only a matter of minutes, the program can be implemented and no previous experience in trading is necessary.


What are the Benefits of Becoming a Member of the Private Traders Club?

The benefits of becoming a member include the following:

• Regular market updates and webinars hosted by Guy Cohen. These webinars are extremely popular and well attended by PTC members because of their immense value.

• OVI charts that will show indicators of when to buy into a stock. This information can also be used to trade stocks that are either trending or reversing, for the greatest profit potential.

• A proprietary tool that scans for abnormal volume patterns throughout the day. These unusual volume patterns often preempt massive moves in the market and can be an important indicator for successful traders.

• A reversal scanner that will scan for any stocks that have a high likelihood of reversing.

• Access to an online library of video tutorials. These materials will show you exactly how to trade using the proprietary PTC tools and indicators and provide an invaluable tool for PTC members.

• Frequently updated blog content to keep you updated

• A winning formula for using William O’Neil’s CAN SLIM strategy for picking the best stocks on the market.

• Chat forum to answer questions and chat with successful PTC members.


What is the Options Volume Indicator (OVI)?

The Private Traders Club offers tools and methods that work. The one item that is most prominently featured is OVI, a tool that measures the activity of some of the most informed options traders in the market. However, members do not have to have any knowledge or experience with trading options in order to be successful with this strategy. The OVI charts allow traders to make decisions in only a matter of minutes, so that they can get on with their day. There are also video tutorials to help you understand and utilize this tool to its fullest potential. PTC can help you become a more profitable and successful trader when you implement their proven strategies and tools.


While this review provides an excellent critique of the membership site you can try it yourself and cancel in 14 days if you dont feel its a good fit. The monthly fee is $97 and you can cancel anytime. There is no risk and you will have an opportunity to experience the benefits of utilizing the tools and strategies that have helped so many others become profitable traders.

Check-out The Private Traders Club.


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Private Traders Club Welcome Video

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OVI Demo

OVI Apple Demo

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*Disclaimer: The information on the OVI is taken directly from Guy Cohen’s Private Traders Club and is not the property of Options Trading Reviews

OVI Guide

“Can You Tell Where the Markets Are Headed?”

The OVI Gives You 20:20 Hindsight Vision!

The truth is, no one can tell for sure where the markets are going, but Guy Cohen has developed something that is truly astonishing in its practical predictive capabilities. In short, the OVI will make you money consistently and safely.

“I’ve developed a unique market indicator called … The OVI

Here’s why the OVI is so unique. The OVI measures the flow of Big, Smart Money, not price. It does this by creating an oscillator derived from option volatility, volume and open interest. Other indicators such as moving averages, MACD, RSI, Stochastics, Gann, Elliott, Fibonacci etc, are all derived from price. In my book, price and price pattern are the best indicator of price, so these other indicators must be inferior.

The OVI is special because it does not lag the market. This gives youguy cohens-private traders club-OVI 1 a huge advantage! Other oscillators like MACD, Stochastics, moving averages and RSI are smoothed by way of averaging several days of data. This creates a lagging effect, which means often the indicators will signify something only after the market has made its move. This is all very well in theory but not so good in practice where we need something more immediate.

Here’s an example where the market was making a major turn in March 2009, yet the OVI was already forecasting this possibility. If you’d have the OVI, you’d have been prepared for this spectacular turnaround.


The OVI helps us with two main areas of trading

  • First, it helps us with trading consolidation patterns and having a sense of whether flags are going to follow through or turn the other way.
  • Second, the OVI can help us devise a safe reversal strategy.

Here’s another example. In this chart the market made a false breakout on 11 June 2009. The OVI was already showing a significant divergence that showed the distinct possibility that the markets were headed down.

guy cohens - OVI 2

Here’s another example where the market was poised to move down into the July earnings season. However, the OVI was pointing upwards and continued rapidly into positive territory. This gave the clear signal that the market would recover.

guy cohens - ovi

Now for Goldman Sachs – see how easy it can be to trade this stock. In mid November the stock is forming the second shoulder of a Head & Shoulders pattern. Compared with the rest of the market GS looked weak, in terms of the chart pattern and its OVI.

private traders club-OVI

If the bull flag of the second shoulder failed, it could result in the stock rolling over … which is exactly what happened:

guy cohen-ovi

And just a few days later we now have a bear flag, which is perfect for another short because the OVI is now firmly back in negative territory.

OVI-guy cohen

If we’re not already short, we simply do so on the breakdown below support and exit with a great profit as soon as possible on the Doji bar a couple of days later.


As you can see by now, the OVI is one of the most powerful indicators to help supercharge your trading profits. It works best with liquid stocks where there’s plenty of activity and will give you the edge you need.

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private traders club-ovi

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private traders club-OVI Stocks


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