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I believe Trade The Banks was the first course where Guy Cohen introduced his proprietary indicator, the OVI. The Options Volatility Indictaor or OVI grew out of years of research and observation of the activities of large financial institutions or Banks as Guy refers to them, specifically; Banks, Hedge Funds, Insurance Companies and Investment Houses.

Trade the Banks Review


Trade the Banks is no longer offered but you can click on the links below and learn about Guy Cohen’s other products and services. I recommend  Flag Trader, The Private Traders Club or the Ovi-FlagTrader Combo.

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Flag Trader

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It’s this trading activity that moves markets so getting in when the Banks trade and not after is a tremendous advantage. In fact you might say, its the main objective – not to get caught on the sell side of market movers as they sell off their position to the herd and lemmings following the move too late.

But this trading activity is not known or visible in the markets. The Banks hire the most talented and skilled traders to move their money and they do this in the derivatives market,i.e. through options. Otherwise their trading activity would be obvious and they couldn’t fleece the retail trader as is their custom. But Guy Cohen created the OVI to track this activity and level the playing field. Every night it crunches over 300 million lines of data and delivers that information as an indicator ranging from -1 to 1. In addition when combined with Guy’s long standing Flag Trader program which uses high probability breakout trades you are positioned to make long runs that build a trader’s account and keeps you on the side of the smart money.

Here’s what the OVI does:

  • It incorporates volatility, volume, and open interest into one number
  • It is transaction-based meaning it does not lag, unlike traditional indicators
  • No knowledge of options is required. If the OVI is greater than 0, buy; if it is less than 0, sell.

And what advantage does this grant the retail trader?

  • You don’t trade in advance of any move
  • Trade when the market has already revealed its direction
  • If the market doesn’t make the anticipated move you don’t trade and save money
  • When we do trade yu are well positioned to profitfrom runners
  • If you, you only lose a small amount

What’s included in the course?
(1) a 4 DVD video course that is mailed and also accessible online
(2) 12 months to Trade The Banks Inner Circle which includes:

  • Trade The Banks Application which allows you to analyze flag and break-out patterns in conjunction with the OVI
  • Inner Circle Alerts and Videos
  • The TradeFinder that uses The OVI Indicator to screen stocks and indices
  • Exclusive access to new seminars
  • Unlimited phone and email support

(3) As a Bonus you also get 3 months free access to The Private Traders Club which incudes:

  • Monthly webinar
  • Ovi indicator
  • Reversal scanner
  • Scan the best stocks
  • Unusual volume indicator
  • Archive of recorded webinars
  • Special discounts
  • Full access to flag trading system

Additionally, you get a 30-day money back guarantee so you have time to try out the strategy. Also, if you have difficulty understanding some trading lingo, then you can easily consult the glossary, where terms are explained in such a way that even beginners can understand them. And if you want to discuss strategies with fellow traders, then the Forum is a great resource to augment your learning.

In conclusion, Trade the Banks can be useful for beginners who don’t know anything about options, intermediate traders who want new skills to apply, and advanced traders who want a deeper understanding of trading.

The regular price of Trade The Banks is $997, not a bad price to see the trading activity of the Big Banks so that you stay on the right side of a trade. But through the special link below you can get if for a $200 discount. This includes the free 3 month access to The Private Traders Club. So that’s just $797 for 12 months and then $97/month therafter if you wish to retain access to Guy’s premium membership site, The Private Traders Club.

If you would like to see Guy’s most recent product that incorporates all this services click here for The OVI-FlagTrader Combo.


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