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* The Call Writer Site has been down and I have not received any recent updates when or if it will return.

If you would like to learn more about covered calls I recommend Optiontiger.

The Call Writer is a website that is considered to be the ultimate resource for those looking to trade covered calls, naked puts and protected covered calls. This website is the labor of love of John Brasher, a man who has been trading and investing for more than two decades and is a highly respected author having published numerous books on trading and investing.

The Price

For $129.95 you can get access to two months of Call Writer service, his famous Ultimate Call Writer book as well as a wide range of other tools, including a trade management calculator, a top-notch research tool, free education and much more. However, note that this is a limited time offer and that the standard price is $79.95 per month.

Who Is John Brasher?

John Brasher is considered to be an authority and innovator in terms of covered call writing. He has a unique approach to teaching and his incredible ability to communicate have made him one of the best trading instructors in the country.

His unique approach, which includes holding covered call seminars where participants actually get to pick trades, plan and manage them, ensures that his students attain amazing results right after they finish the seminar. John Brasher feels that the best way to learn is to do, not to watch, and his system has gained him recognition as an amazing instructor who gets results.

A Call Writer Review: What Do You Get?

When you sign up to the Call Writer, you gain access to a wide range of training and tools designed to ensure your success as a trader. To that end you also are offered an investing method that will allow you to generate a consistent, monthly cash flow by writing covered calls so you can become a full-time trader.

The goal of the Call Writer website and John Brasher is to teach people how to find the most conservative trades that generate the highest levels of profits to ensure a great return while also protecting the investment.

Call Writer members will receive access to the Real Time Lists which include the highest Naked Put and covered call trades which are updated every few minutes. There is no need to download any software and you can find ideal trades in a few moments. On top of that, the Call Writer also offers a unique Trade Management Calculator that will help you ensure you squeeze out every last cent of profit from your open call positions, while also minimizing risk.

Additionally, you will also gain access to the unique Call Writer method which will show you exactly how to set up covered call trades so you can generate profits on a consistent, monthly basis, allowing you to focus on your trading rather than a day job. With this unique method, you will be able to generate consistent profits while limiting your risk to a few percentage points of your investment.

A Call Writer Review: A Unique System

The Call Writer system is unique because it combines education as well as valuable tools to help retail investors turn a profit consistently, every month. Even the training approach is unique as students are involved in the whole process, because by being able to plan and set up your own trades, you grasp the knowledge much better than if you were simply watching someone else.

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