In addition to online courses another great way to improve your options education is to invest in building a library. Some of the best traders write books and the only way to learn this information is to take the time to study and practice. Below you will find books on some well-known online traders but also others who don’t have an online presence. I highly recommend you build your own library. I have hundreds of books. You don’t need that many but do invest in your education.


Options Bible

Guy Cohen is a sought after trader and teacher of options. His Private Traders Club and Flag Trader Systems have earned him a lot of respect online. You can read about these online courses on my website. But he is also a respected author and has published the following books: Options Made Easy, The Bible of Options Strategies, The Insider’s Edge, Volatile Markets Made Easy and an autobiographical book Your Gut Feeling. I consider these books foundational to your options education.


Jeff Augen

You may not have heard about Jeff but he is a highly respected author and speaker. His books are pioneering and innovative in the world of options trading. He draws from his background in information technology and has brilliant insights into trading options. He has published the following books: The Options Trader’s Workbook, Microsoft Excel for Stock and Options, Jeff Augen: Options Trading Strategies, Day Trading Options, Trading Options at Expiration, Trading Realities, The Volatility Edge.


Binary Options Books

Binary Options are all the rage and more and more brokers and courses are popping up every week. It pays to do your due diligence and not get caught-up in the hype. Inside are some of the more reputable books on Binary Options. Be sure to check-out Trading Binary Options: Strategies and tactics by Abe Cofnas.


Options for Beginners and Beyond

I will be adding to this section but I wanted to include other books on options as well as trading in general. These will include books on trading psychology, patterns, technical analysis and more.