Guy Cohen-Your Gut Feeling

Your Gut Feeling: A Formula for Curing the “”Incurable”” (Paperback)

Reduced to being housebound, with terrifying symptoms, “Your Gut Feeling” chronicles the inspirational story of one man’s complete triumph over the debilitating adversity of being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a close cousin of IBS and Crohn’s disease. Having been told that he could never be well and that the only answer for the seriousness of his condition was surgery (which wouldn’t “cure” him either), Guy Cohen defied conventional wisdom to create a new reality for himself and millions of others. Guy completed a 100% recovery from a so called incurable condition. “Your Gut Feeling” demonstrates step-by-step how this can be achieved by using your mind in a highly structured way that can be duplicated by anyone, in contrast to clinical theory that such a recovery was a “statistical phenomenon.” With humor, high emotion and real entertainment, Guy Cohen tells his story as it happened, and as it happens to so many others without them even realizing it.

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