Zecco Review

Zecco is now affiliated with TradeKing.

The Brokers have joined forces but the review below still stands.


Zecco Online Broker was established in 2006, and maintains its headquarters in California, USA. Zecco is a fully-functioning investment website that allows individuals to take control of their financial future by investing through an educated vantage point with the help of training videos, market updates and insights into popular, superior performing investment options as they make themselves available to the public.


Trade Types

Knowing exactly what you are getting out of an online broker is exceptionally important. When your hard earned money is at stake, you want to make the best of your investment opportunities to insure you receive the maximum return.  No matter your taste for options trading, Zecco has you covered with offerings in stock trading that start at $4.95 per trade, and supplementary options trading, exercise, assignments and contracts.  Each management opportunity is available in:

  • Long & Short Call Puts
  • Collar & Vertical Spreads
  • Time & Diagonal Spreads, Strangles, Straddles
  • Butterfly, Condors, Back-Ratio & Complex Strategy


Options Trades

In addition, Zecco delivers valuable options trading tools to help discount and option traders make informed market decisions, including:

  • Options Chain/Sting
  • Options Analyzer
  • Probability Calculator
  • Options Screener
  • Strategy Builder/Optimizer


Trade Fees

With no minimum fees to open an account, inactivity fees or maintenance fees, Zecco allows you to explore the financial markets safely, while examining their main features.  In addition, there is no surcharge for large orders, and you can receive free streaming quotes and dividend reinvestments at no charge. The commissions are incredibly low, and the trade rate is as affordable, if not lower, than most online trading platforms.

Since a Zecco account can be opened without a minimum deposit, investors are able to test drive its dashboard and financial offerings easily, before deciding to deposit funds into the account. Should you decide that Zecco is not for you, there are no account cancellation fees, maintenance fees or hidden costs that will only appear when you try and discontinue your affiliation with their service.



The online community at Zecco is abuzz with trading fervor, which allows for a highly communicative trading experience. This open forum allows members to communicate effectively, while offering their experiences to other members, allowing it to operate as an association.
If you are interested in becoming a member of the Zecco community, it will become abundantly clear that stock trading is their recommended resource. This function allows traders to swap stocks at a reasonably low price. In addition, they are learning everything there is to know about the top performing stocks that help their clients stand out from the typical trading circles.


Trading Platform

Zecco’s trading platform is user friendly, allowing its clients to operate from a single dashboard, so trades are entered effortlessly, and quickly. You will never have to switch screens to insure you are getting all of the information that is available, as the interactive dashboard compiles the information necessary to make an informed trade, and places it in front of you. With real-time quotes, synchronized lists and charting capabilities, experienced trading is at your fingertips – even if you are a first-time trader. Strategy findings, conditional orders, easy options trading and advanced order types are all available at the click of a mouse. However, Zecco is careful to reiterate any activity with the user, so no mistakes are made along the way. This is just one more way Zecco insures your financial standing.

Zecco Online Broker provides a unique opportunity for traders to educate themselves on the market’s activity, prior to diving right into any investment opportunities blindly. Its interface works flawlessly on computers or the iPhone or Android phones, so its customers are always in the know throughout the day. Customers can stay atop the moving market with Zecco’s bevy of trading tools that allows them to identify an opportunity as it is available, so their customers do not miss out on any financially rewarding opportunities.


Virtual Trading

If you are in the market to trade virtually, simply to test the waters of the site and its capabilities, Zecco only offers virtual trading in Forex, or Foreign Exchange categories. They will supply you with $50,000 in virtual money to operate a virtual account and explore the Forex platform. That money cannot be reset once it is gone, so explore this system wisely to receive the optimal benefits of its existence.


Customer Service

Along with the low fees, highly accessible experienced information, and excitable online community, Zecco Online Broker offers exemplary customer service. Either via phone, instant messaging, and private messaging or through their frequently asked questions section, you can get the answers you need to make an informed decision about your finances in a matter of seconds. In addition, there are broker-assisted trades available for a mere $19.99, which allows you to insure you are making a sound decision with an experienced person, for a minimal amount of money. In addition, their personable and experienced customer service representatives are available via phone, live chat, email, and secure messaging services, so you are never alone when you have a question.



There are, however, incentives to using Zecco. You can receive $100 for each person you refer to Zecco, and they can receive the same by depositing and maintaining a $10,000 balance for ninety days. And now that Zeccos’ has merged with TradeKing traders and investors can take advantage of greater resources and cheaper pricing.

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