Masters ‘O’ Equity

Jason Ng

Who Is Jason Ng?

Jason Ng’s life is the classic rags-to-riches story as his financial life started in disaster because of a lack of financial education during his years as a military officer in the 1990’s. However, he decided to change his life around and found that he had a talent for trading options after expanding his financial knowledge. He made his first million by trading options on the US markets and then designed the Star Trading System and the Ride the Flow system, both highly successful options trading systems.

Due to his success, he managed to shirk the classic 9 to 5 job by retiring at only 28 and, now, his time is his own, meaning that he can travel wherever and whenever he wants, and all he needs is his laptop to conduct his trades. He now dedicates himself to helping others achieve the same success he had. Jason has helped thousands of people become financially independent all over the world.

What Is Masters ‘O’ Equity?

Masters ‘O’ Equity offers investors all the knowledge and education they need to become successful options traders and retire early, much like the founder, Master Jason Ng did.

The site offers three products, two of which include training and mentoring on Master Jason Ng’s highly successful trading systems, Ride the Flow and the Star Trading System. The third is a his Master’s Stock Options Picks, daily stock options picking service that takes the decision out of your hands allowing you to benefit from the knowledge and experience of expert traders so you can start making a profit right away.

The Masters ‘O’ Equity system is unique compared to other options trading education programs in that students have direct access to the founder and are mentored on a one-on-one basis. The fact that you can ask questions directly and have your trading strategies critiqued will help you become a successful options trader much faster than if you were trying to do everything on your own.

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