Master Options Picks
Most traders are looking for a convenient and reliable system that will help them make the right choices in order to maximize their profit on capital. Fortunately, Master’s Stock Option Picks Service offered by founder Jason Ng, provides an easy solution for busy traders. His options trading service gives individuals an opportunity to quickly get the help they need in order to select the best options and positions without having to wade through piles of spreads and statistics.

Jason Ng’s Master’s Stock Option Picks Review

Many people find that they simply do not have the time or inclination to complete the entire 30 day Star Trading Program in order to begin making money on options, but the benefits of the Master’s Stock Options Picks Service provides exactly what they need without a huge investment of time.

There are plenty of lists and newsletters offering advice on a plethora of option choices, but with no clear opportunities defined, it can be a very speculative guess as to which option pick is the right choice. Also, many of these newsletters have absolutely no proven or systematic method of profitably picking stocks and options and they quickly collapse, typically in less than a year! However, with Jason Ng’s Masters Stock Options Pick Service, you will receive specific instructions on choosing the best options, as well as option positions and when it is time to exit and take your profits. Options trading can be extremely complicated; in fact, for most traders, even when presented with the right opportunities, choosing the wrong options can easily result in lost profits. These details are crucial.


Who is it for?

The Master’s Stock Option Pick Service provides traders of all experience levels an ideal solution to maximizing the greatest returns in the shortest amount of time. Every day, you will receive updates before the markets even open. The options trading service utilizes a swing trading strategy with most positions closing within 5 to 10 days with spectacular returns.


How much time will I need to invest?

This simple program makes it easy for anyone to make picks quickly and efficiently. Each day you will receive an email, before the market opens; simply look through the available trades and take action. In a matter of minutes, you will be done and there is no need to spend the entire day monitoring the market.


In addition to the easy pick service, with trailing stop losses and automatic stop loss, you can rest assured that emotions have been removed from the entire process for greater profitability with Jason Ng’s Masters Stock Options Pick.


A Brief Overview

Every month you will be given approximately 5 to 7 picks to choose from. Additionally, the following information will be included with each pick you receive:

  • The stock to trade
  • Maximum number of contracts
  • How much (account percentage) you should allocate
  • Profit targets
  • An Exact Stop Loss which is updated daily

You will also receive daily updates before the markets open, so that you will know exactly what to do, as well as when to exit.


What to Expect from Your Subscription

When you sign up for a subscription, you will automatically be added to the daily email system. For each subscription, you are guaranteed to receive a minimum of 5 picks and each pick will include specific details, such as where to take profits as well as stop loss information. However, if there is a situation where market conditions are not favorable and fewer than five picks are received, you will automatically receive an extension on your subscription or you will get your next subscription free of charge. Also, based on your risk assessment, you will be given advice on what percentage of your fund you should use for each pick.


Another great feature with the Master’s Stock Option Picks is that it is not auto-renewing; you only sign up for what you actually want. In addition to these great features, you also get to choose whether you prefer to receive only bearish or bullish picks, or both.


What is the Cost?

Wondering how much a service like this will cost? Only $199 per month! The Master’s Stock Option Picks program uses simple put and call option positions, not complex spread strategies, so you can easily use it in order to trade options in an IRA account as well.


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