Ride The Flow


Ride The Flow
Ride the Flow provides an incredible 3 month hand-holding program designed to offer the ideal solution for investors who are looking to find a reliable way to safely make a return of 5% to 10% in average monthly returns, regardless of market conditions.

What is the Ride the Flow System?

Ride The Flow System requires almost no attention on your part and is the perfect plan for individuals who are not interested in actively trading. In fact, in most months, you will find that Ride the Flow trades only one time. When you are busy with other things, Ride the Flow offers an affordable and easy way to manage your trading and is a great alternative to Jason Ng’s other services The Star Trading System and Master’s Stock Options Picks.


Additionally, this system trades QQQ options and needs absolutely no software or other technical or analytical requirements. This is an easy to master, conservative, long term trading system that offers investors an excellent opportunity to have their hand held throughout the 3 month training program. Each investor will receive specific information on exactly what to do in order to experience the maximum benefits and security of Jason Ng’s Ride the Flow System.


While market volatility is often a concern with some investors, this is a system that thrives in these tumultuous circumstances. In fact, in May 2008, the market was extremely volatile, yet Ride the Flow investors still enjoyed profits of more than 20%; clearly, this trading system is one that works best during volatile times in the market.


Why Choose a Trading System?

Trading systems are an important part of an investor’s ability to consistently achieve success, especially for anyone who is new to options trading. Trading options in a manner that is not systematic makes it impossible to experience repeated success over any meaningful length of time. Additionally, human emotion can be one of the biggest culprits in preventing an investor from overcoming poor trading and this human element needs to be taken out of the trading equation.


Expert traders formulate trading systems in order to achieve documented, consistent and systematic success that can be followed by anyone who learns the system. Understanding what Jason Ng’s Ride the Flow System is, is certainly important; however, understanding what the Ride the Flow system is not is also important. This system is not a condor spread strategy or a covered call and you will not need to do any of the following in order to follow this method:


•          Monitor the market

•          Worry about volatile market conditions

•          Day trading

•          Follow the market news on a daily basis

•          Complete complex or technical analysis



Ride the Flow Offers No-Stress Convenience for Busy Investors

It is refreshing to find a system that consistently makes profits one month after the other with absolutely no stress and very little attention needed. In this amazingly consistent system of profits, founder Jason Ng provides regular updates and expertly guides you through each month’s trade.


The Ride the Flow System has been designed to give complete beginners the confidence, security and instruction necessary in order for them to successfully open their own trading account, begin trading options and even start learning the successful strategies needed in order to consistently gain profits. This is a program that requires absolutely no prior knowledge of investing in order to move from beginner to winner in a very short amount of time.


How Long Before I Can Master the Strategy?

Generally speaking, most individuals will be able to understand the system and effectively manage their choices within about 3 months. During this timeframe, you will be experiencing virtual trades as a way of gaining confidence and experience in options trading; however, you will continue to receive expert guidance throughout the three-month program in order to ensure that you thoroughly master the necessary strategy to become successful. In fact, the Ride the Flow system offers an easy way for beginning investors with an options trading account to start executing trades with confidence.


How Much Does the System Cost?

You can experience the convenience and satisfaction of the Ride the Flow system when you make a one-time payment of only $399. This fee includes one-on-one guidance from founder Jason Ng for the entire three months of the program, as well as all of the training materials you will need to master the strategy. Of course, Jason always offers a complete 100% money-back guarantee at any time. This means, you never take a risk when ordering one of his products.


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