Star Trading System
The Star Trading System offers a proprietary technical swing trading system that utilizes extremely accurate reversal systems to gain profits. This software training program was developed using the numerous years of trading experience gained by Master Ng. The Star Trading System is far more aggressive than the Jason Ng’s Ride the Flow system and provides a program that focuses primarily on swing trades.

Star Trading System Review

The Star Trading System consistently produces profits and has certainly shown itself to be effective over time. In fact, it is the ideal aggressive trading system regardless of whether the market is up or down! With Jason Ng’s Star Trading System you can avoid the mistakes that are common with beginners and start generating profits from options, just like a pro. The reversal signals gleaned by this system are able to capture large market swings regardless of whether they are bearish or bullish. This means that the Star Trading System can often provide entry signals well ahead of the current market.


Jason Ng’s Star Trading System Offers:

•          Specific options selections utilizing special proprietary methods

•          High Probability Picks from Software

•          Trade entry using a specific propriety entry system

•          Automated stop loss and profit taking for trade exit


What is Included in the Star Trading System

Software – the proprietary technical analysis software of the Star Trading System produces the signals used to realize consistent profits. The software also adjusts automatically to market conditions and will give bullish signals when market conditions are anticipated to go up and bearish if a downward turn is expected. You can also use the software to produce technical analysis on stocks of any type.


Ebook – In order to maximize profits, the signals produced by the software program must be used to trade in accordance with winning trading strategies and methods. Guidelines for how to pick the right options, how to properly enter a position, and even when to take profit or stop loss are all included in the program. These rules were developed from the founder’s years of trading experience and can help the beginner avoid common mistakes and losses.


Mentor – There is no written program that can help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes caused by human error. Fortunately, with an experienced mentor holding your hand as you take your first steps into options trading, you can rely on this guidance to help ensure your success.


What Can I Expect from The Star Trading System Training?

The Star Trading System is comprised of an informative training manual, one-month of hand-holding by a mentor and the necessary proprietary software, all of these items will be implemented throughout your 30 day training process. During your first week of program training you will learn the basics of how to navigate the software and use it to its fullest advantage. You will also learn how to search for and select various trading opportunities.


During the second and third weeks of your training program, you will have an opportunity to utilize paper trading in your practice of executing the Star Trading System’s proprietary entry signals as well as important exit signals. Finally, during the fourth week of training, you will begin to trade live – however, you are never left on your own because Master Ng will be with you via live chat throughout the entire process.


The Star Trading System Highlights include the Following:

•          There is no emotional factor, the system is purely mechanical

•          Trades are only for short term swings

•          Only one or two elite trades will be picked at a time

•          You will receive positions prior to major trend shifts

•          Automatically calculates the best risk/reward profile

•          Utilizes basic put and call buying

•          Developed by an actual fund manager utilizing many years of actual trading


How Much Does The Star Trading System Cost?

With a one-time payment of only $799, the Star Trading System provides everything you need to master the system. You will receive all of the educational training materials explaining the program in detail, live chat sessions available daily, as well as Master Jason Ng’s email mentoring for 30 days. However, due to the nature of this course, it is only made available to 20 individuals each month. You can also choose a program option that excludes the live daily chat mentoring, but still offers the benefits of email support. This option is made available for only $499.


As with all products offered by Master Jason Ng, you receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If at any time you are unhappy, you can request a complete refund for the cost of Jason Ng’s Star Trading System.


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