Market Tamer

The Market Tamer is a unique combination of stock and options training along with a wide range of invaluable resources to ensure successful trading. It includes modules that teach investors how to trade successfully, with market commentary and profitable trading suggestions and the Market Timer Algorithm and Wealth Path System. The Market Tamer is an invaluable toolbox for anyone who wants to attain financial freedom by trading the markets.

Read the rest of this review and at the end be sure to read about the limited Special Offer Market Tamer is currently offering.

Who Is Gareth Feighery?
Gareth Feighery is one of the co-founders of the Market Tamer system and has taught thousands of investors, worldwide, how to become profitable when trading the markets. The site was founded after he spent years researching and testing investment strategies and the result is that all members of Market Tamer thrived during the market collapse of 2008.

The other co-founder of the Market Tamer system goes by the name of “The Robin Hood Trader” and has been a successful retail trader for many years. His goal is to help as many people as possible to attain financial freedom by trading the markets successfully and to avoid learning to trade the hard way, by losing money, as he did until he discovered the Holy Grail of Trading.

What Is Market Tamer?
Market Tamer is a comprehensive system that offers investors the education and resources they need to trade stocks and options profitably. Market Tamer members enjoy a wide variety of tools and resources, including daily trade recommendations, comprehensive trading education covering ten modules of multiple lessons, interviews with Wall Street experts and much more.

Market Tamer features a comprehensive, interactive learning system which teaches investors how to make money under any market conditions. This system is structured in such a fashion that ensures people learn everything they need to know to make money in the markets and consists of ten modules with multiple lessons, covering everything from the basics of trading stocks and options to more complex trading strategies that are the result of many years of hands-on Wall Street trading experience.

Additionally, Market Tamer members can also enjoy live training webinars, with up to 5 such webinars scheduled every week. These webinars are an ideal learning tool since investors can watch the pros in action and also ensure that one can determine whether or not they are making progress.

The Market Tamer Training
The Market Tamer’s main advantage is the fact that it is a comprehensive system offering educational resources as well as current trading advice, meaning that both investment novices as well as experienced traders will find something of value. As a novice, watching the theory being applied in live trades is invaluable, while experienced traders can benefit from the market commentary, trade suggestions and even the lessons as they can further deepen their knowledge and increase their profitability.  So how can you access this material? Market Tamer offers two types of memberships and a very Special Offer (keep reading).

Market Tamer Memberships
The Market Tamer has two levels of membership and both are exceptional. The first is free, can’t beat that, and I strongly encourage you to sign up for it now. What Market Tamer offers for free is more than what you will pay for in just about every other options trading course I can think of.

This free training is incredibly generous. These guys are clearly dedicated to helping the retail trader become financially self-sufficient. I don’t know how long they will keep this available but there are literally 100s of hours of video training on everything you would want to know about options. This membership is the best kept secret in the whole world of options trading in my honest opinion.

If you have some extra cash lying around you can opt for the upgrade. For the Market Tamer’s Total Market Control program you will receive:

  • LIVE Webinars: 3 to 5 Days a Week- this kind of access to professional options traders is unheard of; it’s like having a personal coach 5 days a week and all the webinars are archived.
  • Complete Training Course: It includes over 40 hours of step by step education to give you a solid foundation in options. Includes basic concepts and advanced strategies to help you make money in any market. They even have quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • Video Updates and Forecast on the Markets: so you always have access to professional advisors and can protect your positions and find opportunities
  • Watch the Pros: Find out what trades the instructors are putting on and learn first-hand
  • Beat the Pros: Sharpen and test your trading skills by proposing trades that get critiqued by the instructors.
  • Forum: where you can ask questions and learn from their community of traders.

There is actually a lot more but I just wanted to highlight some of the course info. The course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a price tag of $2997 plus $147/month. This is clearly not for everyone but if you have the money and the desire you will get all the training and support you need to be a successful options trader.

Market Tamer is currently running a special offer where you can get 1-2 months free access to their full membership program.

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Market Timer and Wealth Path System (Special Offer)