Options University

Options UniversityOptions University was originally founded in 2004 by Brett Fogle and Ron Ianieri with the goal of assisting aspiring investors to find success in the world of options trading while also reducing risks. Courtney Smith a long time trader, author and CEO of numerous financial firms is the new owner. The company is undergoing a lot of changes so it remains to be seen if it will once again become a leader in options education.

Ron Ianieri has moved on to teach at his own  website you can read more about him and his training here at IONOptions.

Currently OU offers courses in 3 categories and an upcoming bootcamp. They offer Bachelors courses (Options 101), Intermediate (Advanced Options and Options Mastery Series) and their PhD level courses which are not currently offered but include Gamma Trading, Synthetics, Directional trading, and Premium Collection.

Options University Bootcamp

The upcoming workshop or bootcamp as they are calling it is June 8 – 13th and looks impressive. Its five days of live trading with Courtney’s own money and you learn the strategies live. There will be 2 additional instructors on hand to assist students while the course is taught live. Also Binary Options expert Abe Cofnas will present strategies on successfully trading binary options. His book Trading Binary Options: Strategies and Tactics is the definitive guide on trading these hot new options. Also Ian Cooper, arguably the best trader when it comes to trading options on bio-stocks will show you how he selects his trades and the strategies he uses to make huge gains.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  •     What are options, how to open a brokerage account, and how to trade them
  •     How to value options
  •     Covered call writing
  •     Vertical spreads
  •     Delta neutral trading
  •     The key myths about option trading
  •     How to pick stocks for immediate and powerful advance
  •     How to trade options on these stocks
  •     How to use options to trade Boing Boing
  •     How to trade volatility with butterflies and condors
  •     How to trade time through calendar spreads
  •     How to trade binary options for making profits in an hour
  •     How to use options to trade biotech stocks
  •     How to use options to enhance how you trade options

There are only 36 seats available so if you want to take your options trading to the next level this would be a great opportunity.

The foundational courses on options training are still available and valuable resources to your education including their proprietary Volcone. The courses include Options 101, Advanced Options Trading and Options Mastery Series home study courses and a special bundle you can find out about when you click through to purchase the 101 course.

With their diversity of products and ongoing support Options University is still one of the top sites to learn and master the art of options trading, even if you are just starting out or want to take your trading skills to the next level.

Below is a list of their top products and services- not all are currently offered just the ones with live links. They have some specials offers on a number of their services and I am also offering my own review and bonus (coming) on some of their select product. Click on them to learn more.