Advanced Options

Advanced Options Trading
Advanced Options Trading

Options University Advanced Options Trading Course is a great course to complement the 101 course. It’s taught by Ron Ianeri and if you haven’t heard him teach you are in for a treat.

Ron Ianeri is the best options trading instructor I have come across in the world of online options education. He has taught 1000s of traders and that experience comes through in his teaching style. He holds your attention, is very dynamic and repeats the same material in several different ways so you hear it over and over until it sinks in and eventually becomes second nature. He has a great way of demystifying complex concepts and misperceptions regarding options strategies and makes them easy to grasp.

The Advanced Options course builds on the basic lessons taught in the 101 course then introduces more advanced options trading strategies by first explaining them and then providing several examples both in video and in a pdf. The pdf is 150 pages long and has lots of risk profiles and graphs to help aid your learning.

You can check-out the Table of Contents below.

But as good as this course is my recommendation is not to buy this course either. Why? There is a special offer available. You should check-out the Mastery Class and get both Options 101 and Advanced Options (This is no longer offered).

Table of Contents
Advanced Options Strategies
• Option Spread Trading
I. Introduction to Spread Trading

• Vertical Spreads
I. Vertical Call Spreads (Bull Call / Bull Put)
II. Vertical Put Spreads (Bear Put / Bear Call)
III. Construction of The Vertical Spread
IV. Intrinsic Value
V. Cost Relationship
VI. Pricing of the Vertical Spread
VII. Time Decay & Volatility Trading Opportunities
VIII. Rolling the Position
IX. Special Insights

• Time Spreads
I. Construction of The Time Spread
II. Behavior of The Time Spread (Time Decay)
III. Effects of Stock Price on The Time Spread (Gamma)
IV. Effects of Volatility on The Time Spread (Vega)
V. Buyer Risk vs. Reward
VI. Seller Risk vs. Reward
VII. Rolling the Position (Call Spreads / Put Spreads)
VIII. Closing the Position

• Option Straddles
I. Construction of The Straddle
II. Straddle Scenarios (Long / Short)
III. Straddle Mechanics
IV. Pricing Factors
V. Risks & Rewards
VI. Break Even, Max Reward, & Max Risk

• Option Strangles
I. Construction of The Strangle
II. Strangle Scenarios (Long / Short)
III. Strangle Mechanics
IV. Pricing Factors
V. Risks & Rewards
VI. Break Even, Max Reward, & Max Risk

• The Butterfly
I. Strategy Defined

• The Condor
I. Strategy Defined

• Glossary of terms
• Test Questions
• More Option Graphs – Quick Reference Guide

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