Options 101 Review

Options 101

Options 101

Options 101

Options 101 by Options University is a good course to start your options trading education. Even though Courtney Smith now owns OU Brett Fogle teaches it so it is an older video. I have it and it covers all the basics to give you a solid foundation. I think its strength is that he provides lots of real-world examples so it’s not just theory.

You get to see specific examples as he walks you through how to set up a specific options play. It also comes with a pdf that’s 180 pages that provides more in depth information. The table of contents is listed below and as you will see it’s quite comprehensive for a beginner course.

The video tutorial is a bit short in my opinion but like I said it does bring some real life examples to what can otherwise feel like a lot of theory. But my recommendation is not to buy it. Why? Read my review on the Advanced Options Course to find out why.

Table of Contents


  • Our Background
  • Importance of Education and the Individual Investor

Options Basics and Terms

  • Definitions of Options and Related Terms
  1. I.     Calls & Puts
  2. II.     Expiration Date
  3. III.     Contract & Strike Price
  4. IV.     Option Class & Series
  5. V.     ITM, OTM, ATM options
  6. VI.     Premium & Time Decay
  7. VII.     Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Value
  8. VIII.     Volatility

Trading Strategies

  • Directional Trading Strategies & Terms (Calls & Puts)
  1. I.     In the Money, Out of the Money, and At the Money Options
  2. II.     Leverage and Risk
  • The Covered Call / Buy – Write Strategy
  1. I.     Hedging Stock Trades / Options as Insurance
  2. II.     3 Scenarios & Examples
  3. III.     Income Opportunities
  • The Covered Put / Sell – Write Strategy
  1. I.     Comparison to The Buy Write / Selling Short
  2. II.     3 Scenarios & Examples
  3. III.     Rolling the Position
  • The Protective Put Strategy
  1. I.     Portfolio Protection & Risk
  2. II.     Trade Insurance
  • The Synthetic Put (Protective Call) Strategy
  1. I.     Strategy Defined
  2. II.     3 Scenarios & Examples
  3. III.     “Break Down” Protection
  • The Collar Strategy
  1. I.     Buying & Selling Options (Option Writing)
  2. II.     Debit or Credit
  3. III.     Profit & Loss Examples
  • The Stock Replacement Covered Call Strategy
  1. I.     Stock Replacement
  2. II.     Percentage Returns
  3. III.     Proper Use of Option Leverage

Advanced Techniques

  • Spreads / Straddles / Strangles Introduction
  • Unusual Options Volume & Other Clues


  • Glossary of terms
  • Final Exam
  • Option Graphs – Quick Reference Guide
  • Covered Calls – A Case Study
  • Recommended Reading
  • Other Resources

Learn more about Options University Options 101 Course here. (Not currently offered)

if you want to earn more about the Advanced Options Course click here.

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