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Volcone 3.0

It appears that with the purchase of Options University by Courtney Smith the Volcone is no longer offered.

If you would really like to use optionsvolatility to your advantage then I would recommend this the Options Volume Indicator or OVI

Options University Volcone is a custom designed software program that gives you the ability to compare the current implied volatility against its historical volatility range.

Why is this important?

One of the biggest mistakes beginner and professional traders can make is to disregard an options volatility. Is it high or low? If the volatility is high or inflated because or news or some other event then it will take a larger move in the stock to make money on the option. In other words you could be right directionally but lose money because you didn’t take into account the high volatility.

So how do you ascertain this important information? It’s not listed and it’s a complicated analytic to calculate.

The Volcone remedies this often over-looked and misunderstood factor when trading options. It will allow you to determine whether your current implied volatility is too cheap or too expensive. Allowing you to instantly know whether an option is over-priced or under-priced.

Volcone Red Dot

With this knowledge you will have the clarity of mind based on real data whether you should be buying or selling the option.

The graphically representation is so simple to understand you can see in an instant the volatility of the option. Is the Red Dot above or below its mean line.

Here are some images:

Volcone 3.0

Here’s what you get with the Volcone:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Immediately know whether an option is over or under-priced
  • Instantly compare Implied Volatility to its actual Historical Volatility
  • Free upgrades for life
  • Free data feed; no hidden monthly fees even for non US markets
  • Proprietary software not available anywhere else
  • Lots of training videos to get you up and running in 15 minutes
  • Scan and save searches
  • Customize the viewing window to your liking
  • Zoom in or out to suit your viewing preference
  • Works on stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds and 100s of Us and Foreign Indices

Here are a few Testimonials:

Volcone - Jack Wilson

Volcone - Gary Shaerer

Basically the Volcone gives you an edge over other options traders and will make your trades more profitable.

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