ION Options Review

Ron Ianeri- ION OptionsWho is Ron Ianieri?

Ron Ianieri is arguably the most well-known online options instructor. He has the unique talent of not just being a great trader but an exceptional teacher as well. His teaching style is very dynamic, he holds your attention, and can break-down the seemingly abstract world of options into simple concepts that allow students to quickly comprehend and move forward with their training.

Ron has been trading options for more than two decades, beginning his options trading career on the floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. He has worked as a Market Maker and a Specialist and is most well-known for the time he spend working as the Options Specialist for Dell, in the early 1990s.

Ron is regularly seen on CNBC, CNBC Asia, Fox News, Fox Business News, Bloomberg Asia, and BNN for his market commentary. He is frequently quoted on many financial publications and websites including,, Dow Jones Marketwatch, Barrons, Wall Street Journal, ABC News, and many radio talk shows.

You will also recognize him as the co-founder of Options University where he helped develop their curriculum. And just prior to founding IonOptions he collaborated with Chris Rowe at TycoonU to create Options GPS. He is now working with several brokerage firms developing their options training programs.

When not consulting to top firms Ron dedicates most of his time to teaching individual investors how to trade options successfully, using the same course that gained him widespread recognition and the respect of the Options floor. It is the exact same class that he taught to many market makers on the floor.

What Does ION Options Offer?

ION Options is a comprehensive resource designed to teaching the individual investor options theory and strategy to ensure excellent returns from trading this asset class. The site has one motto and that is that investors need to take a proactive approach to their investments because “no one cares more about your money more than you do!”

According to ION Options, a proactive investor is one who protects their investments, while also focusing on their growth. To this end, ION options is structured to assist investors to become proactive by offering in-depth education on options, daily market commentary which teaches investors how various events can impact the markets and an understanding of how economic trends can be used to establish long-term goals.

ION options features a wide range of courses, structured as either one-evening classes allowing investors to focus on particular aspects, live training in the markets, or as comprehensive courses covering a variety of trading strategies. Here is a sample of some of the courses and services below:

Trade of the Month Club
• A live monthly service where Ron walks you through trade selection, putting the trade on, making adjustments, closing strategy and answers your questions live

Ron’s Mentoring
• 12 weeks in-depth live training; you will learn everything you need to know about options; the most comprehensive training online
One Night Strategy Classes
• Stock Replacement Strategy, Covered Calls, Protective Puts, Collars, Vertical Spreads, Time Spreads, Diagonal Spreads, Straddles, Strangles, Butterflies, Condors, Double Diagonals
In Depth Courses
• Gamma Trading Course, Synthetics Positions, Volatility Course, The Greeks, Premium Collection

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Ion Options Review: The Benefits

Ron has already established himself as the go to guy for online options trading. His new service is still in development and as such some of the services aren’t available yet. I will be sure to notify subscribers when I learn more- just make sure you are subscribed to my emails.

Eventually I see a lot of benefits at Ron’s new site, including the fact that investors can choose the classes they wish to attend and won’t be forced to take a full course just to learn about certain areas. The fact that this website was founded by Ron Ianieri himself is another benefit since there are thousands of investors worldwide that have succeeded in attaining financial freedom with options trading thanks to him.

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