ION The Trade

ION Options is Ron Ianeri's website dedicated to training and teaching the retail investor. He offers a membership program, a la carte courses, monthly trading services and webinars. The motto here is, "“no one cares more about your money more than you do!”

Let’s look at some of the services and courses offered at ION Options.

Trade Idea Generator

Ron’s covers the ‘changing market’ with this service including government spending, taxes, debt limit deficit and the FED. He promises to educate, mentor and provide ongoing feedback on positions. The service is based on swing trading with positions lasting 3 days up to 3 weeks. He teaches via a webinar every Monday night at 9pm EST with replays provided. There is also a yahoo group dedicated to this service where subscribers can interact with Ron and other traders.

He will use a combination of technical and fundamental analysis and subscribers can suggest stocks for him to analyze. Ron covers the entry, exit and trigger points for trades.

He uses the TradeMonster platform. (You can read a review on this options broker)

The cost for the service is $139/month with a 3 month option at $379.

Trade of the Month Club

This service includes a webinar on the last Wednesday of each month. Ron teaches how to navigate the overwhelming amount of information and disinformation traders are bombarded with. He reviews the major indices, sectors and individual stocks. The classes are interactive so subscribers can ask questions.

Each class includes a review of last month’s trade, new material and a Q&A session.

Like his other services a replay is provided and subscribers can interact in a private yahoo group.

The fee is $79/mo and for 3 month it is $216.

Mastering Options

This is Ron’s encyclopedic online depository for everything you wanted to know about options and more. These are not live trainings but pre-recorded power point presentations covering the very basics to advanced topics on trading options. Here’s the list…

ION Options Mastery1

ION Options Mastery2

 ION Options Mastery4

ION Options Mastery5

One on One Coaching with Ron Ianeri

This is a pretty awesome service. You choose the questions and topic. It could be anything on options such as:

  • How to manage your positions
  • Best entry and exit strategies
  • How to make an adjustment
  • Your trading plan

This isn’t about financial advising but you can get his feedback on strategies pertaining to your trading concerns and objectives

$175 for a half hour

$300 for an hour


Live Mentoring with Ron

These are live classes during market hours. Topics discussed will be dictated by the actual market conditions. These could include:

  • Underlying market mechanisms
  • Fundamental and technical analysis
  • Strategy Analysis of current conditions
  • Long and Short term strategies
  • Income strategies, portfolio hedging and more

$685 1 time payment or 2 Payments of $350


If you would like to read more about these services head over to ION Options.